c1921Ada BlackjackI?upiat (in Inuit Kamiik) Read her amazing story

So, what is a mukluk?

Simply put, it's one of the original winter boots of Canada - known for generations as the warmest winter boot in the world.

Today, we continue a?tradition our ancestors began?thousands of years ago.

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TodaySarain FoxAnishinaabekwe
(in Métis Mukluks)
Brand Ambassador

Seriously Waterproof.

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Serious Comfort.


Sheepskin and natural
hides wick away
moisture and breathe


Our mukluks insulate
to -32°C


Many of our best-selling mukluks are now waterproof


Our flexible, durable sole promotes circulation and barefoot-like comfort

Functional Art

Our high-performance Vibram? sole is also the canvas for Indigenous art

Serious Comfort.

Our waterproof mukluks handle themselves amazingly well in every winter condition. They're also the warmest, most comfortable waterproof winter boots you'll step into. In a word: winterproof.

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What does it mean to be Indigenous owned?

We share our success with the communities and individuals we work with.

We're keeping traditions alive while celebrating our shared values and history.

We're actively building new visions of the future by reinvesting our time and capital to contribute to Indigenous successes.

We know cold.


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Headquartered in Winnipeg, MB Canada

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We are Métis.

Rooted in our culture, our Métis Collection perfectly blends two worlds.?Each pair features iconic flower motifs?inspired by?our Métis heritage.

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"Have Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford found the perfect winter boots?" -Vogue Paris

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